This manual provides information on the R82 Radar transmitter. It is important that Warranty. All MAGNETROL electronic level and flow controls are warranted. NEW MAGNETROL RAJ PULSE BURST RADAR LEVEL TRANSMITTER RA03J SERIAL# BG Any questions, please call. The Model R82 is a pulse burst radar from Magnetrol designed for light industrial applications. This device is an inexpensive solution to level measurement.

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Magnetrol offers an extensive range of innovative level, flow and volume controls for process industries. Find out more about the Magnetrol products that will meet your level, flow or interface control challenge.

Radar level transmitter / ultrasonic / for liquids / loop-powered – R82 – MAGNETROL International

Magnetrol offers an extensive range of innovative level controls and intelligent flow controls for process industries. Every industry has different applications and relevant models. At Magnetrol, we provide our customer with a global service offer that increases your instrument productivity, reduces the cost of ownership and maximizes the ROI.


Find your local representative or contact us with any questions.

In your world it all matters. Overfill risks them all.

Magnetrol R82 Installation And Operating Manual

It definitely pays to reduce heat rate. Back to top Products Magnetrol offers an extensive range of innovative level, flow and volume controls for process industries. Learn how better level instrumentation can help.

Giving Back to the Community: Interface Level Measurement for Gravitational Separators Gravitational separators are essential to preventing water from entering and damaging downstream equipment. Learn more about interface level measurement for separator boots in this blog post. Interface Level Measurement in an Upstream Saltwater Disposal Facility Saltwater disposal facilities perform a crucial oil-water separation function, creating emulsion layers that can be difficult to measure.

Read about interface level instrumentation solutions for magnertol applications. Learn more about us. Do you want personal advice for your specific control process? Contact your local Magnetrol representative!