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Welcome to my second review on Eurobricks! On my way to review 626 old Pirates set that I buy new full story on my – Bounty Boat reviewthis time I’ve chosen one of the few classic sets with our beloved bluecoats: Time to discover how a once peaceful inn has become a fortified place! As usual with older sets, we get a nice 66267 of the set on a pre-rendered background. Luckily I got the rare yellow-box version from the very early sets toinstead of the common purple box. I really love the overall colors, it has a fantastic tropical appeal, and it’s just screaming “open my lid!

Here we have 4!

I’ll cover them in the next chapter. Here we have a good story to start the adventure, among nice shots of the model. I wish TLG still made those lids, and be willing to pay a few more bucks for them. I remember looking under every lid in stores as a child, full of dreams. For those who want to read the story, let’s have a closer look:. Quite comprehensive, isn’t it? It’s funny to see that eventually, the pirates aren’t really the bad guys, since they’re just after their ancestors’ gold.

THIS is the reason I love those lids! The round cuts also add a nice touch, we clearly see that TLG wasn’t trying to limit the costs back in those days. Nothing to comment, the pictures speak for themselves.

As I said earlier, they’re quite similar. I still like how they put the pirates in water by removing the legs in the third one, and the arch that hold the rowboat in the fourth. One plastic tray, four bags and a few loose plates, blue baseplate and the jail door. They have stayed in this box for 21 years, time to let them breathe a little! I could look at those diorama for hours and hours, not unstructions By the way, can someone tell me what is redbeard doing with the maiden at the Black Seas Barracuda’s stern?

Did you spot it? The cannon is the american non-shooting version on the box, and the insttuctions version on the instructions. Do you know any inwtructions set that have american version on the cover? As far as I know, it’s also the case for – Rock Island Refuge. I first thought of some kind of photo retouching, but looking closer I saw that the american version cannon has been pushed a very little to the left we see more red at the left of the 667 brick underneath.

  JIS H4100 PDF

Also, every other pictures has this difference even alternate models. TLG sure did have an eye for detail! No part callout, and a nice amount of brick put each step. Old-styled instructions, nothing to add!

A lot of white parts, and overall a nice assortment of colors. The cannon, as said above, is the non-shooting version, which is much better in my humble opinion, since I don’t play with Lego and this one looks way better that the “flat” lrgo one. As a kid though I’m glad I got the shooting ones! There is no additional part. Inwtructions, we have another captain redbeard, which earn the reward for being the “greatest most distributed minifig ever”, but three bluecoats!

LEGO Lagoon Lock-Up Instructions , Pirates

Who would say no to three bluecoats? We also get an almost-exclusive pirate in this assembly, it also appears in Pirates Comicnamed Bo’Sun Will. Overall, as a standalone, this is a fantastic selection for playing.

Here we can see the structure that will insstructions the sail. It’s placed on a turntable so it can face any direction. Plenty of inshructions for our beloved captain! If there is no wind, he still has two oars to go wherever he wants!

I love the simple yet effective design, which will be reused many times in upcoming waves with color variation. HOW can redbeard hold his cutlass with his hook?

LEGO Pirates Lagoon Lock-Up (6267)

With the help of leho bird-eye view instruction, we have placed the bricks that will hold the two large black plates. The yellow brick is supposed to be sand: The four antennas will be at the back of the jail. Slowly the tavern is taking form with the two doors added. We cannot see it but there is a red panel inside which is supposed to be some sort of bar I think pictures of it can be found under the finished model section.

I just LOVE the sunblind. It’s only made of four bricks, but this is what makes the set look fantastic. Without it I don’t think it would look like a tavern.

Next we only have 66267 add the jail door, the roof and it’s finished, so let’s go. An old tavern fortified to help battle against pirates.

That’s what they say, that’s what we see, that’s what we get. I can see only one little design flaw, it lacks a ladder to access the roof. Other than that it’s an absolute winner on everything: No wonder why this is one of the most appreciated set among the most appreciated Lego pirates wave. HOW can redbeard hold his pistol with his hook?


The cannon design is flawless, with amazing details. We got as usual six cannonballs and one additionnal musket. Here we can see the “bar”. Pretty simple is the least I can say Look at how the four antennas are enclosed by an arch to close the jail: Imagine the set without that sunblind, it would really be lacking something don’t you think?

It still looks like a nice place to live in. How could they live without it? No advanced technique is used. Need I say more? I’ve seen much better alternate models among pirates sets! If it still was in store, I’d buy all I could find. Another great review with great pictures. I’m becoming slightly jealous of these new Pirates sets you have. I hope we see more Pirate reviews from you as you work your way up in the Reviewers Academy!

Excellent, and thorough review, man. This was my first set, actually; It’s a blast to play with, eh? Another fantastic review and classic set. Maybe Captain Redbeard is the most common minifig because he sails into a fortified lagoon with a bright red and white sailboat and nothing but a pistol Quantity has a quality all its own I have this set in storage right now. I might need to get it out and build it because of this review. What a wonderful review. I had this set when I was a child and still own it.

Unfortunately its no longer in the prime of its life. To see a MISB copy brings back so many happy memories. This was one of my favourite Blue Coat seats.

LEGO PIRATES LAGOON LOCK-UP Complete w/Shooting Cannon NO Instructions – $ | PicClick

I always regarded it as the pirate equivalent to the Guarded Inn. Good job on this one. Nice spotting job with those covers. Of course they are!

Crimson Pirate proved that! Please don’t lefo that anymore I’ve never seen this on before. Does it have a different cover? There’s no YEAR on it as it should be. I always used to play “spot cpt. Redbeard” on instructons one He’s shown so many times Someone who is apparently Governor’s son