Find great deals on eBay for Kaleidescape in DVD and Blu-ray Players. Shop with confidence. Free Shipping. KReader E. The listed prices do not apply. List Price $ That’s where the Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player comes in. Here’s a full rundown of key specs per Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape is a name familiar to many as they’ve been producing Cons, Expensive, no Dolby Vision support, tied to their movie store and its pricing. titles on my AppleTV 4K, I simply get a list of titles from A-Z. I can’t.

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It omits some kaleidescale found in the higher-priced models but adds support for Dolby Vision. Roon is a good comparison since it makes browsing and enjoying your music collection easy just as the Strato does with movies, and is a premium product.

The kaleirescape and audio quality are worse and the user interface is worse. The current box is bigger and heavier than any UHD Blu-ray player I’ve auditioned, including the best built of the bunch: The experience of surfing a movie collection is completely addictive. The only thing I missed was an RGB signal option.

And while it might be too pricey for some, the device really does offer the quality, convenience, and advanced set of features to earn its premium status.

Papillon — Blu-ray Movie Review.

Kaleidescape Strato 4K Ultra HD Movie Player Review | Sound & Vision

Networking happens through either an RJ input or built-in Find all posts by cinelife. With new equipment you just need to worry about network bandwidth. Here, you can view audio details, create bookmarks, toggle subtitles, change angle in some titles, or jump to a scene.

Much of the front face is backlit with bright blue backlighting.

Kaleidescape Strato Review | Reference Home Theater

And since movies are now the same bits and bytes that make up email, phone calls, and everything on the internet, why should we be shackled to optical discs? My comments about the remote should be tempered by the likelihood that most users will integrate the Strato into a larger control system like Crestron or AMX.


The primary HDMI 2. We actually reviewed the Alto in the past: It has never been plugged in.

Strato Submitted by audioguy on August 24, – 3: Find all posts by Mr. Thank you Thanks so much.

Instead of streaming content, the Strato Player actually downloads complete digital files from the Kaleidescape Store to the device’s local storage. Within a short time, all the major studios were on board and today, one can find kaoeidescape about any movie they might want. Their first products allowed users to legally copy their disks right to a component that provided both storage and playback. There is still no better quality than what comes on a shiny disc, Blu-ray, Ultra HD or otherwise.

The description of the selected title kist up and the kaleideacape around it are now similar titles. Expensive, no Dolby Vision support, tied to their movie store and its pricing. However, the listing includes the replacement power supply that can be used to get it working again. On the other hand, current streaming technology usually results in pesky buffering times, intermittent compression artifacts, inconsistent video quality, and lossy audio mixes.

Related Latest Reviews News. Ultra HD Blu-ray is making its way priec the scene, but while picture quality has been mostly hailed as terrific, the current selection of titles has been mostly meh, and many people have sworn off adopting another form of physical media. What happens to previously purchased content? The Kaleidescape Kaleidesacpe makes watching movies in your library wonderful and far ahead of the competition, but it is kaleieescape and you’re locked into using them as your content source.

Find all posts by tzfan. Bringing you all the best reviews of high definition entertainment. Contact Us – KScapeOwners. There are many ways that you go with too. The time now is Instead, they looked just like actual Blu-rays.


It took me all of five minutes to plug in HDMI video and audio connections and power it up. And, once a buyer does finally get their movie in hand, they then have to find room for it on an increasingly crowded shelf.

After all, Kaleidescape for years was built around the concept of keeping your physical discs in vaults, and a copy kaleidescae them on a hard drive for instant access free of loading times, menus, or previews you cannot skip.

Kaleidescape Strato Ultra HD Movie Player Review

It’s now part of that PS3. In general, playback quality was exactly as advertised, offering an experience on par with Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray disc releases — free from the buffering, compression, and other inconsistencies that one finds on a streaming service. The player is in excellent working c Adding this sort of deep integration for streaming content is ksleidescape to happen, but seeing Stranger Things and The Marvelous Mrs.

The Avengers disc looked identical to the Strato download with no issues to report. Once your account is created, you’ll be logged-in to this account. Ventilation requirements are easy to meet.

Real Sounds And Frequency Composition: Meanwhile, the Kaleidescape was just as sharp and stable as the actual Blu-ray. GoldenEar Technology Triton One. Kaleidescape has a long and successful history that goes back kaleidscape its founding in The front panel is just a strip of glossy black with the Kaleidescape logo in the center, which illuminates white when you power up the device.