RichFaces Tutorial with features, configuration, architecture, a4j:log, a4j:ajax, learning Richfaces, you must have the basic knowledge of Basic Java and JSF. The next-generation JSF component framework by JBoss! The RichFaces project is an advanced UI component framework for easily integrating Ajax. The description relies on a simple JSF with RichFaces application creation process from “RichFaces Toolkit for developing Web application” video tutorial.

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Richfaces datatable example Richfaces datatable example The Datatable richfacss used to show. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Although this evolution was welcome in general, an unfortunate and significant side-effect is that virtually all rich component frameworks written for JSF 1.

gichfaces I have provided a WAR with demonstration code see Download. Listing 12 shows the demo project’s Collapsible Panel markup:. It can be done like this:. The “maven-archetype-jsfwebapp” archetype and the project itself require extra repositories to be provided, namely “http: With the next step the user bean should be registered in faces-config.

Tutorials for WildFly Application Server, Openshift, JBoss Projects and Enterprise Applications

To make it easier to tuttorial version differences, I’ve used the same section headers in both. This follow-up article serves both as a guide for developers new to RichFaces and as an rifhfaces for migrating from previous versions to version 4. Tutrial the first place you need to make sure that Maven is installed on you local machine.

Add following lines in web. Notice that for the keeping it simple the input fields are not bound to any JSF Beans. As you can see you need 3 kind of libraries: There’s one more piece that you’ll see in every application: You should also read the Download note. To start with RichFaces in computer file system create new folder with name “RichFaces”, download and unzip the archive with binaries there.


Related articles available on mastertheboss. Now you have everything to create the project using the “maven-archetype-jsfwebapp” archetype. On the results page, click on the Result tab, then click the appropriate Collapsible Panel item to see the input value. RichFaces uses the skins concept. The typical RichFaces attributes are available, but the primary one you will use is switchType.

For Facelets you should richfacex the following lines for tag library declaration:.

The dwRichFaces4Demo1 example application is minimal; its only real purpose is to demonstrate setup and usage of the selected components. I’ll begin with Accordion and Accordion Items see Figure 5.

In your own code, you can do anything you want that is appropriate to the input. The value and timeZone attributes are loaded using methods from a managed bean, which is defined in faces-config.

You can now build the project with the mvn install command. It consists of a bar and a content display, which can be any component see Figure 6. The RichFaces Calendar has more than 80 available attributes but, as you can see from Listing 6, you can enable a lot of functionality in just a few lines:.

For that reason, all it does is collect and display input data. This entry is no longer required, because Facelets is now the default VDL. We will run tuttorial JSF application on Tutoriaal 6. Subscribe me to comment notifications. Now run the application on Tomcat server and open it in your favourite browser by pointing it to “http: The AutoComplete functionality is similar to the familiar autocomplete components available in many desktop applications.


View image at full size.

RichFaces Showcase

Add some RichFaces component to the “index. To learn more about Facelets, see Related topics. The the parameter org. Read “RichFaces installing and configuration” article to find out how to integrate RichFaces and Trinidad and possible problems that may occur while launching the RichFaces sample on the JBoss server. The Submit button causes the results page to display, as shown in Figure An online demo of all of the components available in the suite, documentation, and other resources are available from the RichFaces project page see Related topics.

Results are narrowed with each keystroke. The idea here is that an Accordion is a container for Accordion Items. In response, the RichFaces team embarked on an extensive rewrite for version 4. If you key city names beginning with an A or a J, lists of the appropriate cities are shown. RichFaces components with built-in Ajax support and a highly customizable look-and-feel can be easily incorporated into JSF applications. I use a font style element for consistent readability, and also to show that RichFaces allows CSS flexibility.

If you are migrating from previous RichFaces versions, setting up the Calendar component for the functionality in the demo code is virtually identical in version 4. In the demo code, as usual, the header value is pulled from the resource bundle.

The City AutoComplete component lets you key in a city name. Collapsible Panel is a version 4. The expanded attribute determines whether the content is shown on first display.

For migration, note that the dependencies have changed completely in version 4.