Joc brut [Manuel de Pedrolo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Buy Joc brut by Manuel de Pedrolo (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Joc Brut, de Manuel de Pedrolo Pedrolo no sólo fue el iniciador de la novela negra moderna catalana, y no sólo el introductor del género en.

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Under the supervision of the Catalan Institution for Literature and the support of Espai Pedrolo and Pedrolo Foundation, Villalonga will chair the activities that pay homage to the figure of the Catalan writer during This author, regarded as the most prolific when it comes to the Catalan language, left more than a hundred and twenty works covering several themes, some of which have been translated to more than twenty languages.

The objective of this commemoration is to promote the total recognition of one of the most important figures in Catalan literature. This year she published the tale collection Contes per a les nits de lluna plena Apostrph publishing house. She also runs three blogs: Any Pedrolo aims to spread the knowledge of the work by Manuel de Pedrolo and honor his task, which he carried out within the legacy of the Catalan culture, for his figure has been only linked to Mecanoscrit del segon origen and we should know Pedrolo wrote a lot of books, covering different genres.

Manuel de Pedrolo

Any Pedropo aims to be a year for all Catalan Countries: The program for Any Pedrolo is focused on three main areas: Also, there will be a mobile exhibition organized by Espai Pedrolo and Pedrolo Foundation, which will show a communicative journey on the career of the writer, and will be available over the year in several locations around the Catalan Countries. Any Pedrolo will also hold activities on different themes: We will soon have a website dedicated to this Year, offering all the information on the activities.


Republishing novels by Pedrolo started inwhen publishing houses such as Sembra Llibres, Orciny Press or Tigre de Paper started recovering his legacy. This year we expect more than ten books by the writer to be published.

An example of these publications was presented by the publishing house Comanegra last year, they republished the tale El principi de totillustrated by Pep Boatella, and the first volume of the tetralogy La terra prohibidawhich includes the works Les portes del passat and La paraula dels botxinspublished in by the publishing house Laie, and which were not published any more.

Other manueo by Manuel de Pedrolo will be edited, such as biographies, conversations of his, or reading reports he used to make to publishing houses to give advice on the translation of publication of pedrool.

These reports, apart from providing his view on everything he read, provide information on how much he knew about everything that got published around Europe. You can even sense how he communicated several manuek on literary theory and his general way of thinking.

It is important to spread the view on Pedrolo to more than just Mecanoscrit del segon origen and Joc brutthe two most known works by the author, which sometimes take all the credit and did not allow the spreading of his broad collection of works. Also, this task has to dw presented in 2.

Manuel de Pedrolo — Wikipédia

Therefore, we want to create online resources and others in social networks for Any Pedrolo. The figure of Pedrolo causes excitement. He has many followers, both for his literature and the feeling of injustice due the treatment he pderolo. Pedrolo was a good person, incorruptible, with strong ideas and loyal to his beliefs, and that makes him a respected figure. Regarding the ideology that goes with the figure of Pedrolo, could there be synergies between literature and politics?

In the political situation we are now living is very easy to use the view of Pedrolo to make a political observation; but it would be better not to focus on this thing, since it could leave its literary magnitude on a second side.


During this year, we have to promote his literature: Pedrolo wrote existentialist plays, visual poetry, more than seventy novels, tales, articles, etc. He was a great person with the most prolific work in the history of Catalan literature —maybe excluding Ramon Llull- and that makes the pexrolo challenge in Any Pedrolo to get people reading more things by him. Pedrolo has five or six canonical novels from the thriller perspective.

Manuel de Pedrolo

And there are many of his novels which are not essentially thrillers but use many resources from this genre. He was a great reader, and was convinced that the resources from the crime novel enabled him to say things he could not say with other genres.

Many of his novels have features that are close to the hardboiled crime fiction: Manuel de Pedrolo wrote a lot and covered other genres.

In fact, he was quite fast, and despite this speed, some of his works are excellent. A great example is Pas de ratllawhich will be translated to Spanish next year by Navona, and which Pedrolo wrote between Christmas Day in and January 6,that is, thirteen days.

Pedrolo, apart from producing many works, gave importance to publications in Catalan. I am pedroliana but I am not as fast as he was. I mean, I like to write, a lot, but I am very careful when writing and submitting a text, I give it many reads until I am fully convinced it is good. Interesting links Events Experts guide Press Review.