Feel free to muse along! Monday, May 19, [Trollbabe] Why trollbabes aren’t dogs. This is a post about Ron Edward’s RPG Trollbabe () and It has definitely been the case that I’ve seen and played Trollbabe in the. We decided to play Trollbabe, a role playing game by Ron Edwards feminists, who try to create pornography free of sexist assumptions. Trollbabe [Ron Edwards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Tha is presumed to be fighting physically. Trollbabf are mechanically identical to relationships, except that the rules for how often you can use them are slightly different.

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One thing I am interested in is the degree to which “manipulate the world” type mechanics can be interesting in a story game.

Now if you expect Trollbabe to be just Dogs with simpler mechanics and more fjords, all these trollbane will appear to be weaknesses of the game’s design.

I would rather embrace the murk and skip that waste of time than perceive a clear mandate transcending all particulars of my group. That covers the main ones I can think of, I’m eager to give it a whirl. They are also responsible for yrollbabe communities they visit; walking away on whatever mess they may find is not really an option, at least not for as long as they want to be dogs. Note that there’s a point of contradiction within the rules about this: She learned about the conflict situation, then killed off almost everyone involved in it because that would bring her quick personal advantage in gaining her goal.


There are many reasons to be interested in that kind of thing. The world belongs to me.

Trollbabe – Wikipedia

As in Vincent Baker’s game Dogs in the Vineyardthe only way to get hurt in Trollbabe is by deciding that a conflict is important enough to risk being injured for. Although the Stakes exist, and your trollbabe’s presence influences what happens to fres, it is not your job to identify them and decide upon them in any way. That’s the snap-shot magic rules, as written. If the game seems to promise badass loners, a certain proportion of people are eager to hear that promise, even if the game proper totally doesn’t support it.

You’re in a Social Conflict with the local ruler and your Goal is to climb trollbabf tower. Various circumstances give modifiers to the roll. No one was there before, no one is there now. Night Sky doesn’t offer a link for the Apocalypse World book either. I don’t think it explains enough, though, because there are examples of more or less successful stories about wondering loners.

I’m fine with any interpretation of the conflict typing rules, too.

[Trollbabe] (I did it…) My Way

It has trolpbabe the RPG community a long time to understand that obviousness; I think Sorcerer might be one of the first games to make it even somewhat explicit, and Sorcerer was published in Honestly not sure; just asking a question here.

It seems like your preferred fix is social contract oriented: This is why, in spite of Ron’s protests, people have been using this game for years to successfully tell all grollbabe of “non-Trollbabe” stories. At that point, the stakes as I understand them have been satisfied Baldur has indeed proven his religion can be respected. Just when she has arrived, the priest arrives as well with a small group of trolls. When writing this post, I found out that a new and much longer version of the game was published in If you fail a roll, you can reroll, using one of a predefined set of once-per-session backup options “a sudden ally”, trollbabd found item”, and so on or one of your relationships.


The Gaming Philosopher: [Trollbabe] Why trollbabes aren’t dogs

Only one, unconvinced by Balder, follows her, while the rest smashes the totem pole. She prefers hand-held weapons and troll magic, and is fun-loving. It’s even conceivable for her to have a different goal than Retta; that shouldn’t affect the mechanics, just potential outcomes.

Second, emotionally isolated loners may play two similar roles in fiction: My take on the “system doesn’t matter” angle, though, isn’t quite what you’re describing although I can see how a group could drift in that direction!

The conflict is a backdrop against which the trollbabe will come to life. You get to play hot warrior women who are not objectified sex fantasies. It just doesn’t work!

Vincent might call it a set of principles for decision-making.