‘El Eternauta’ is being published in english. If you’re a fan of world comics culture, or just love historically important graphic is kind. “El Eternauta” (The Eternaut) is a fantastic story by Hector Oesterheld. And his oldest too. It began getting published in 3-page chapters each week in a. An attempt to (finally) translate Héctor Germán Oesterheld’s apocalyptic sci-fi masterpiece El Eternauta into English, starting with his original.

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His two sequels, eterrnauta during the Resistance, are even more political but still await a translation in English or German. Have no idea where to start? This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat They send toxic snow, deadly beetles and stinging monsters. In late Oesterheld was also taken by the ehernauta, held and tortured for a period of months, before finally becoming one of the more than 30, disappeared. Juan Salvo decides to return to his wife and daughter to go into hiding with them.

A few days into the snowfall, they learn that the phenomenon was caused by an extraterrestrial invasion to Earth. Oesterheld’s work took on increasingly political tones in the s and s, and he, along with his four daughters two of whom were pregnant at the timewere arrested by the Argentinean military government.

In Syria for example, around 60, people have disappeared under Assad’s regime, according to Amnesty International. Violent oppression, torture, and “disappearances” of left-wing activists and those who opposed the military government were common. Not many details about the new adventures were leaked – even though a famous whistleblower infiltrates the story.

Looking through a closed window, they can see that some vehicles crash for no apparent reason and a neighbor dies when he is touched by the snow. He produced artwork for a number of publishers in Madrid and London after fleeing from Argentina to avoid potential arrest.


The first extra-terrestrial beings they see are human-size bugs, which use ray cannons to kill people. It’s been translated from Spanish into Italian and French, but never until now English. It was translated by Erica Mena.

Fasten your seat belts! Salvo is forced to kill some thugs who try to steal his well constructed suit. One of the Salvo friends is killed by the snow almost immediately, when he ran out of the house screaming for his family.

Salvo’s group splits, and he tries to escape with his wife and daughter using sl of the alien spaceships.

What sets The Eternaut apart is not its plot, gripping though it is. Apalled by the dictatorial eteranuta and American imperialism that had become a regular feature of Cold-War era South America, Oesterheld decided to remake the comic with a different artist Alberto Brecciaadding more explicit political content and more violence.

A huge eterhauta field covers the place, so bombs and missiles launched by “the northern countries” like American can’t damage the place. It was first published on May 29, in the weekly Gente. Fantagraphics Books published the first translation into English, under the name “The Eternaut”. So it’s missing a lot of important details, including the “negotiation” between the “northern countries” and the invaders. His daughters also disappeared, as were their husbands.

Salvo and one of his friends, professor Favalli who had the scientific theory for every situation join a small Argentine Army unit who survived and building similar suits. In Engliwh she published a long-form article about Oesterheld’s tragically disappeared family.

Cult sci-fi comic ‘Eternaut’ still gives lessons in political resistance

Oesterheld returned to El Eternauta with a remake and a sequel, published in andrespectively. A third part, El Eternauta, Tercera Partepublished after the restoration of democracy, met with moderate success.


The interactive show lets visitors view the little blue elves at eye level. If this sells well enough, we may be able to also get a translation of Oesterheld’s Che graphic novel. It has also been noted that, except for the “Ellos”, none of the invaders etednauta truly evil; they are noble beings forced to carry out the engilsh of others.

There’s tons of Argentine comics i’ve read descriptions of that i want to see translated.

Hector Oesterheld’s “The Eternaut” translated synopsis

He died in August from a cerebral hemorrhage. InOesterheld rewrote El Eternautawith changes to the story, more political references and more violence. Comics publications Comic book limited series Post-apocalyptic comics Alien invasions in comics Argentine comics titles Self-reflexive comics Fictional Argentine people Drama comics Comics about time travel Argentine comic strips comics debuts comics endings Science fiction comics Comics characters introduced in Fantagraphics Books titles.

It’s about a group of people from Buenos Aires who witness the wholesale destruction via a poisonous snowfall and invasion of the Earth by a hostile alien force that is bound and determined to subjugate the human race at all costs. It’s supposed to be one of the best non-fiction comics ever published. It is now finding its way to the German market: Archived from the original on 3 May It isn’t the red-scare propaganda; neither is it anti-capitalism propaganda. Send us an e-mail.

Having joined the banned leftist organization Montoneros with his daughters, Oesterheld wrote the chapters from hidden locations.