Dytiscus marginalis do not exist below certain elevations and are found in mountain lakes or ponds or in collections of melted snow. Adults hibernate under . One of our largest beetles, this species has a dark, olive-brown, almond-shaped oval body, about three centimetres long, with the thorax bordered by dull yellow. Dytiscus marginalis Linnaeus, Taxonomy: Adephaga > Dytiscidae > Dytiscus > Dytiscus marginalis. Images. Dytiscus marginalis. Description. Distribution.

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The great diving beetle Dytiscus marginalis is an aquatic diving beetle native to Europe and northern Asiaand is particularly common in England. The great diving beetle, true to its name, is a rather large insect. The larvae can grow up to 60 millimetres 2.

These beetles live in fresh watereither still or slow-running, and seem to prefer water with vegetation. They are dark-coloured brown to black on their back and wing cases elytra and yellow on their abdomen and legs.


The male’s wing cases are shiny, while those of the female are finely grooved. A voracious predator, this beetle hunts a wide variety of prey including small marginaljs.

Dytiscus marginalis Linnaeus, | UK Beetle Recording

The first two pairs of legs of the male are equipped with numerous suction cups, enabling them to obtain a secure grip while mating, and on their prey. They are able fliers, and fly usually at night. They use the reflection of moonlight to locate new water sources. Marginaliz location method can sometimes cause them to land on wet roads or other hard wet surfaces.

Before they dive, they collect air bubbles in their wing cases which goes through the spiracles.

File:Dytiscus marginalis Linné, 1758 female.jpg

The jaws of a great diving beetle are strong compared to their body size. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Great diving beetle Bottom view Scientific classification Kingdom: Retrieved from ” https: Dytiscidae Beetles of Europe Beetles described in Dytiscidae stubs.


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