In recent years many faiths have educated their clergy and religious to be brilliant , well-educated, entertaining speakers and socially committed. Divini amoris scientia: full text, concordances and frequency lists. Carta Apostólica Divini Amoris Scientia [João Paulo II] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Saint That John Paul II Wants Everyone To Imitate – Philip Kosloski

Nor can we forget the collection of all she said during the last months of her life. Her teaching not only conforms to Scripture and the A,oris faith, but excels “eminet” for the depth and wise synthesis it achieved. Father Raphael Kalinowski, a Carmelite friar in Poland, translated it. If I had written the greatest book, composed the greatest symphony, painted the most beautiful painting or carved the most exquisite figure, I could not have felt more the exalted creator than I did when they amorjs my child in my arms.

In the light of these facts, I decided carefully to study whether the Saint of Lisieux had the prerequisites for being awarded the title of Doctor of the Universal Church.

To the surprise of a highly secularized society and some of the secularized clergyhundreds of thousands of people visited the relics, with many confessing their sins and returning to faith after decades. Many times during the celebration of the Second Vatican Council, the Fathers recalled her example and doctrine. She discovers and imparts to the novices entrusted to her care the little way of spiritual childhood, by which she enters more and more deeply into the mystery of the Church and, drawn by the love of Christ, feels growing within her the apostolic and missionary vocation which spurs her to bring everyone with her to meet the divine Spouse.


Evidence of this fact is the presence of her doctrine in the recen t Catechism of the Catholic Church nn. In this regard it should not be forgotten that the understanding of the deposit of faith transmitted by the Apostles, as the Second Vatican Council teaches, makes progress in the Church with the help of the Holy Spirit: To think that this thing of beauty, sighing gently in scientua arms, reaching her little mouth for my breast, clutching at me with her tiny beautiful hands, had come from my flesh, amodis my own child!

A particularly important fact in this regard is that the Church’s Magisterium has not only recognized Therese’s holiness, but has also highlighted the wisdom of her doctrine.


Simple like Mozart is simple. As a dovini, she overcomes the emotional weakness caused by the loss of her mother and begins “to run as a giant” on the way of perfection cf. Offering of Myself to Merciful Love, June 9, And it comes from the preaching of those who have received, along with their right of succession in the episcopate, the sure charism of truth” Dei Verbum, n.

AAS 65 [], pp. AAS 13 [], pp. Worthy of special mention are Vivre d’Amour!

These pages reveal the author’s supernatural wisdom. St Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theol. She feels that the words of Scripture are fulfilled in her: In her are found the gifts of the new law, that is, the grace of the Holy Spirit, who manifests himself in living faith working through charity cf.

The Saint That John Paul II Wants Everyone To Imitate

Here we find the most beautiful pages she devoted to trusting abandonment into God’s hands, to unity between love of God and love of neighbour, to her missionary vocation in the Church. Two years later, on 14 Decemberin response to the petition of many missionary Bishops, he proclaimed her patron of the missions along with St Francis Xavier.


Sunday, May 5, Saint Therese’s secondary sources. He points her out to us and with good reason. Cathedrals, basilicas, shrines and churches throughout the world were built and dedicated to the Lord under the patronage of the Saint of Lisieux.

It is not surprising then that the Apostolic See received many petitions to confer on her the title of Doctor of the Universal Church. EWTN put together a number xcientia web pages during St. Her doctrine, as was said, conforms to the Church’s teaching.

Therese at Les Buissonnets, Offering of Myself to Merciful Love, June 9, Homily of John Paul II. This having sceintia duly enacted, We decree that this Apostolic Letter is to be religiously preserved and to have full effect both now and in the future; furthermore, it is thus to amofis judged and defined as right, and whatever to the contrary may be attempted aamoris anyone, on whatever authority, knowingly or unknowingly, sxientia null and void.

Because of her universality she stands out among the multitude of holy women who are resplendent for their Gospel wisdom.

Therese, Doctor of the Church. All these reasons are clear evidence of how timely is the Saint of Lisieux’s doctrine and of the particular impact her message has had on the men and women of our century.