Metallic dragons were a type of dragon distinguished typically by the color and composition of their scales, that was like that Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons. Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement [Richard Baker, Ari Marmell, David Noonan, Robert J. Schwalb] on *FREE*. Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement by Richard Baker (Nov 17 ) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Tiamat is usually considered the deity of chromatic dragons, though not all chromatic dragons acknowledge her as such. Gold dragons are voracious learners, and they tend to become very wise and worldly as they age. Being stronger, faster, generally smarter, and possessing longer life than humans and most other races, dragons tend to consider themselves superior creatures.

Almost all species of dragon are highly intelligent at least as intelligent as a human being and are able to speak. Steel dragonsoriginally known as Greyhawk dragons, are a those originating in the World of Greyhawk campaign settinglater appearing in other settings like the Forgotten Realms.

Both parents tend the eggs, and then take intense interest in their wyrmlings’ care and education.

Metallic dragon

Rraconomicon, it waits for others to ask for help. They are the epitome of good, sacrificing whatever is necessary for the common good of intelligent creatures everywhere.

Many gold dragons even have a glass-walled observatory, especially if they live underwater. They hate creatures that disrupt normal life in cities or despoil natural hunting grounds.

The scales become lighter and more brilliant as the dragon matures. Silver dragons are extremely rare and elusive, preferring to take the guise of kind and elderly humanoids or very attractive and young humanoids.

Adamantite dragons have little place in the ecosystem of the Twin Paradises, They can, however, be avaricious hunters with huge appetites. At birth its scales are dull silver. Upon entering, visitors find themselves in a huge labyrinth of tunnels. Views Read Edit View history. In its natural form, a steel dragon smells of wet steel.


Steel dragons tend to prefer swifter forms of justice in the wilderness. Physically, gold dragons are quite spectacular. The only known Dracolich is Komassa who lives in the Shadow World. From the Archives of the Grey School of Wizardry 1 ed. These dragons appear to have a particularly malevolent nature to them. Any combination is possible, however, even with devils or angels. Mercury dragons are fast, relatively small by dragon standards creatures with long tails.

Midnight blue dragons that could fire a breath weapon of pulsing, barely perceptible energy. They are capable of “blindsense”, the sense in which eyes, ears, and other senses are used to detect invisible persons or objects.

Lesser dragons do not improve in age categories and may lack all of the abilities of true dragons. Metallic dragons are typically of good ddagons.

It also has a couple more smaller horns. Their scales seem to radiate heat and light.

Draconomicon II: Metallic Dragons

They command lesser beings to rebuild the glories of the past and obtain the long forgotten magic of fallen empires.

Additionally, silvers and Reds favor the same dragonw of mountainous terrain for lairs, which leads to territorial disputes on top of having attitudes and philosophies at odds with the others’. They also emtallic a second breath weapon, a cone of paralyzing gas. A silver dragon’s lair is typically found within an icy mountain, with the main entrance only accessible by air.

By using this site, you agree drabons the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They have hair-like spines around their heads, cat-like bodies with vaguely human-like faces, and scales resembling steel armor. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. A sect of cultist called the Cult of the Dragon believe that dragons, particularly undead ones, will rule the world, and are trying to convert evil dragons to become dracoliches —undead lich -like dragons, which are partially bound to the cult by the rituals which grant them their undead status.


When mettallic mouth is closed, the teeth are completely hidden.

Like the brass dragon, the copper dragon’s wings connect to its body all the way to the tip of its tail. Although Obsidian Dragons are also technically gem dragons, they are opposed to Sardior and draconmicon other gem dragons. The adamantine dragon, copper dragon, gold dragon, iron dragon, and silver dragon appeared in the Monster Manual 2 The most famous of the dragons is Tarazin the Grey who has draconomcion been seen for several decades when the official campaign begins.

However, in the “Fifth Age”, massive Chromatic Dragons who were not native to Krynn emerged and took over many of the humanoid -controlled nations of Krynn, as well as slaying many of the native dragons.

Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) – Wikipedia

This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. Few people know when they are interacting with a Steel Dragon, but they always have a feature which betrays them by resembling their natural complexion.

A new hatched silver wyrmling has scales of a bluish gray, which change to silver over time. At first glance, the silver dragon appears very similar to the White dragon.

Shining, dull silver dragons that did not seem to match up in description to silver, steel, or mithril dragons were mentioned.