Dear students here we provide notes for Anna university 4TH sem Subject CS DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS notes pdf. you can download the. CS Design and Analysis of Algorithms Anna university subject notes lecturer notes unit wise unit 1, unit 2 unit 3 unit 4 unit 5. Click The Below Link To. CS Design and Analysis of Algorithms Syllabus Anna University BE/ CSE/IT fourth(4th) semester students.

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TECH model question papers.

What is an Algorithm? An algorithm is a sequence of unambiguous instructions for solving a problem, i.

Two nonnegative, not-both-zero integers m and analyysis. Greatest common divisor of m and n. What are Sequential Algorithms? The central assumption of the RAM model is that instructions are executed one after another, one operation at a time. Accordingly, algorithms designed to be executed on such machines are called Sequential algorithms.

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What are Parallel Algorithms? The central assumption of the RAM model does not hold for some newer computers that can execute operations concurrently, i.


What is Exact and Approximation algorithm? The principal decision to choose solving the problem exactly is called exact algorithm. The principal decision to choose solving the problem approximately is called Approximation algorithm.

What is Algorithm Design Technique? An algorithm design technique is a general approach to solving problems algorithmically that is altorithms to a variety of problems from different areas of computing.

CS 2251: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

To prove that the algorithm yields a required result for every legitimate input in a finite amount of time. What is Efficiency of algorithm? Efficiency of an algorithm can be precisely defined and investigated with mathematical rigor. There are two kinds of algorithm efficiency.

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What is generality of an algorithm? It is a desirable characteristic of an algorithm. Generality of the problem the algorithm solves is sometimes easier to design an algorithm for a problem posed in more general terms. Optimality is about analysia complexity of the problem that algorithm solves. Dezign sorting problem asks us to rearrange the items of a given list in ascending order or descending algorityms.


The searching problem deals with finding a given value, called a search key, in a given set. In this running time will be the longest. In this running time will be the smallest. What is called the basic operation of an algorithm? The most important operation of the algorithm is the operation contributing the most to the total running time is called basic operation of an algorithm.

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Then we can estimate the running time T n of a program implementing this algorithm on that computer by the formula. Define order of growth. To compare and rank such orders of cs22551 we use three notations. What is the use of Asymptotic Notations? The notations O, W and Q and oof used to indicate and compare the asymptotic orders of growth of functions expressing algorithm efficiencies. Posted by at Newer Post Older Post Home.