Celotex have discontinued the GA insulation board. Here we explain which product to choose instead and why these changes have come. Buy 50mm Celotex PIR GA, a high performance multi purpose rigid Insulation board used as floor, roof and wall insulation that achieves an A+ rating, least. Buy 80mm Celotex GA, a multipurpose PIR insulation board that achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide.

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Therefore, certain GA products will now be sold as GA Insulation between and over rafters Where gaa4000 and rafter depth is limited, Celotex insulation may be fitted between and over the rafters. This is known as ‘warm frame’ construction.

Celotex GA will significantly improve the thermal insulation of new and existing, solid or cavity masonry walls masonry includes clay and calcium silicate bricks, concrete blocks, natural and reconstituted stone blocks or timber-frame walls of dwellings and buildings of similar occupancy, type and condition. Need a different size? These changes also apply to the TB insulation board which includes a size range of mm. The recipient of cdlotex products is responsible for any additional lifting once the delivery has been made.

Celotex can be used in conjunction with appropriate internal lining boards, such as Gyproc or Knauf Plasterboards or associated products such as Knauf Thermal Laminate or Gyproc ThermaLine high performance wall-boards, as an insulating dry lining system to improve the thermal insulation of existing and new, solid or cavity masonry walls or timber-frame walls of gx4000 or buildings of gga4000 occupancy, type and conditions.

The board is easy to cut to shape and works celotec the same way as GA, offering a reliable long-term solution for energy saving. Changes to Celotex GA Products. Celotex Tuff-R GA is a multi-purpose rigid polyisocyanurate foam PIR thermal insulation board with reflective foil facings that are uniquely reinforced with glass-fibre and feature a strong reaction-to-fire performance when measured in accordance with new European Standards. We will discuss this with you upon receipt of the cancellation request.


How does GA perform? A survey of the wall may be required to establish the extent of any packing that may be required to ensure the support battens provide a uniform plane for the boards to be fixed.

Common applications for this product include This creates a warm, potentially ga44000 roof space in which water pipes and tanks no longer need to be insulated.

Celotex GA 50mm, 1. If you would like to learn about insulation, check our guide to thermal insulation. They are frequently being used in conjunction with Multi-foil insulation to maximise the thermal properties potential of combining traditional solid insulation with that of heat reflecting products. Celotex GA 60mm, 1. Celotex recommends that a condensation risk analysis is obtained to determine the optimum solution for your project.

Celotex GA mm, 1. If sarking felt is being eclotex, a minimum 50 mm ventilated air space must be provided between the felt and the cold side of the insulation in order to minimise the risk of condensation formation.

For more information from Celotex you can read their statement in its celotes here. Click items below for pricing structure. This is because the mechanisms for heat flow are affected by the ratio of surface area to perimeter.

Changes to Celotex GA Products | Insulation Express

The void created by a pitched roof can be celotez habitable by insulating along the plane of the roof pitch with Celotex rigid PIR insulation boards. The insulation boards are available in nominal dimensions of length mm x width mm In the unlikely event that you need to return an item, please contact our team on within 14 days of accepting delivery of the item.

This reduces the risk of interstitial condensation between the insulation layers. To minimise building heat gs4000, rigid thermal insulation is placed on the outside of the frame as a continuous layer to eliminate thermal bridging through the metal studs.

80mm Celotex GA4000 PIR Insulation Board

Please note that we cannot accept returns on special orders. Low emissivity composite aluminium foil Manufactured using a blowing agent with zero ozone depletion potential ODP and low global warming potential GWP.

The use of a single continuous layer of insulation over the rafters thereby eliminates the risk of condensation and avoids the need for ventilation ga4000 the rafter space. The very low thermal conductivity of Celotex Tuff-R GA enables high levels of insulation to be achieved with minimal overall thickness.


Other retrofit and refurbishment projects – lining existing timber and masonry structures to make them more thermally efficient. Use our online and mobile U-value calculators to help you find the most efficient solution for each type of construction. Please advise us in the comments on your order if access to the delivery address is limited.

These general purpose boards are commonly used in conjunction with appropriate internal lining boards, such as standard plasterboard and thermal laminate wall-boards, as an insulating dry lining system to improve the thermal insulation of existing and new, solid or cavity masonry walls, or timber-frame walls.

It is recommended that services penetrating the insulation or any vapour check lining board, e. On existing walls consideration celotes be given to lining the reveals with a thinner layer of insulation and lining board.

Celotex GA4000

Delivery will be as far as possible to the kerbside of the delivery address. In addition, every attempt should be made to minimise the risk of cold bridging at reveals and where heavy celotfx walls are attached to the external wall. Kingspan ThermaWall TW50 is a cut-down 0.

Thickness Choose an Option Restocking charges will be applied where the products are no longer required AND NOT for goods returned because either defective or damaged. Although there is a product page still live for GA, this is just to give Insulation Express customers the best possible route to the product they need, celotxe that if they are unaware of the changes they can still find an appropriate product. All walls must be in a good state of repair with no evidence of rain penetration, fa4000 or frost damage.

For all updates and Celotex announcements since Juneplease see the links below