Home | LEGO | BIONICLE | Voya Nui | – Umbra | Instructions. Instructions for – Umbra. o · Download a PDF of this set. 1. View Larger – Page 1. Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for Umbra set number to help you build these LEGO sets. LEGO set database: Umbra. Set number: ; Name: Umbra; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Constraction; Theme: Bionicle; Subtheme: Warriors.

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I know we said we were going to review all the sets, but each day it’s looking to be harder and harder to complete that goal. We still intend to do our best, however, because that’s what BZPower does.

Read on to find out if this set is for you! As has been known since near its revealing, Umbra is ironically named: But enough with my jabbering; you came here to find out if this set is worth the big set price.

Well, the answer is simple: Of note is that the Kanoka Club is still taking codes: Alas, there is no money found on the packaging of Umbra, so no pictures were taken.

There are a few rather small pictures on the sides, but the only one that photographed well enough was the logo. So you’ve bought it and taken it home or at least made it to the carpunched the perforated tabs and dump out the contents.


Umbra | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

What do you get for your money? Each language is represented by two letters, so I have no idea what some of them are. Along with that is one Keetongu yellow foot, which will later serve as the chest plate for Umbra, a lone 7-lengths crossbeam, and a piece of Rhotuka launcher. No Rhotuka launcher would be complete without a ripcord and of course, a Rhotuka or two. Also found in this set is the pieces for the head, including his Kanohi, which looks remarkably like the Kanohi Ruru.

Lego Bionicle 8625 Umbra 100 Complete With Instructions

Rest assured, much like his name, his looks can be deceiving. Of note is this semi-flex rod: Last seen in the Pewku set, though less prominently, do they add something new or something terrible to Umbra?

The right hand is not connected in the book; whereas, the box and book cover have the piece connected. If you think differently about this, you can give Umbra a little more flexibility. For something with wheels for feet, Umbra is surprisingly posable, though there is also a limitation because of the feet.

An alternative to this dilemma might be to create some unique feet for this ancient guardian, but I leave that to the MOCists. Of course, depending on whether the weapons are fully attached or not, you can create some really interesting displays; one problem is that the ripcord can get in the way sometimes if you leave it attached.


Whether re-enacting or re-inventing battles or perhaps even creating your own, Umbra is pretty fun. With wheels, there is but one question to ask: The decision then is really whether to wait for a price drop and hope the set makes it or get it now while you can still find it.

If you hurry, you might be able to use some pieces for the contest mentioned earlier, but remember that Friday is the deadline, so get looking. How would I judge Umbra?

The build is straightforward, and the completed set seems mildly complex yet simple at the same time; its look even seems archaic yet new.

Come to think of it, perhaps Umbra has the perfect name after all. And that, my friends, is Umbra.

Be sure to thank Toaraga for writing it up for all of us. Hopefully it helped you get a better feel for the set. Until the next review, so long!

instructioons Login Register Retrieve Password. Toaraga] I know we said we were going to review all the sets, but each day it’s looking to be harder and harder to complete that goal. Did I mention his weapons light up? Well, they do for about ten seconds. Irony, thy name is Umbra.