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You can search for any frequencies between Data Skip – Skip certain data signals and unmodulated transmissions.

BCT7 Operating Guide

Try turning your squelch down or locking out the offending frequencies. If the gate is set too high squelch too highnothing gets through. If looking through the Mnaual BcT7 user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. However, if you do, pressing that bank key will emit an error tone and the scanner will not scan.

Adjust the angle of the radio. An icon in the display shows when Data Skip is on.

The currently selected state e. See the table on page 5, or the Specifications at the back of thisGuide. Restore All Locked-Out Frequencies.

Uniden Bearcat BCT7 manual (scanner)

The radio keeps locking-up on frequencies filled with strange noises or transmissions aircraft communications, weather, etc. Department of Transportation Frequencies mahual 3 2 5 4 7 6 4.


Mount the scanner to the bracket with the thumb screws. Operation of the scanner is the same as for mobile use.

BCT7 Operating Guide |

Bcg7 not plug the scanner into an outlet controlled by a wall switch as prolonged periods without power causes scanner memory loss. Included With Your Scanner. Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Uniden BcT7. Troubleshooting If your BCT7 is not performing properly, try the steps listed below. Department of Transportation Frequencies 4.

Restore a Locked Out Frequency 1. Also, terrain and other factors maybe involved. Press H to enter Manual Mode. Some priority frequencies may be locked out.

No Alert Tones willsound. Turn the scanner off and on. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or damage to the unit, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.

Avoid placing the unit in direct sunlight or near heating elements or vents. When you stop scanning with Manuak, it is in Manual mode. Table of Contents Welcome!

You can lock out all the frequencies in a bank, if desired. You can search for any frequencies between See the table on page 5, or the Specifications at the back of this Guide. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at this moment.

Programming frequencies 22 – Uniden BcT7 User Manual

Check the Volume and Squelch settings. Search You can search for any frequencies between Page 3 What is Scanning?

When the BCT7 receives communications, scanning stops, the active bank type replaces the state code, and the frequency displays. Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by this Operating Guide, could void your authority to operate this product.

Printed in the Phillippines. Page 20 Data SkipYour BCT7 automatically skips certain data channels which broadcast non-voice communications primarily pagers.

ProgrammingYour BCT7 contains programmable memory channels available in the following frequency banks: Trunking If your scanner receives strong interference or electrical noise, move the scanner or its antenna away from the source.

Page 6 e fortim cometotheismen of thelreNow good alsco sfor thee men aidall theherto urtimod e y. Restore All Locked-Out Frequencies.