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In Pejo we briefly stop. The mountain bike track goes straight ahead to Madonna di Campiglio.

But not pacoliste, with these perfect conditions there can be only one route: Completely dirty and soaked we had to seek refuge in an hotel in Pejo. From a rock plateau the view suddenly opens onto the turquoise blue Lago di Pian Palu, which lies about below us in the kettle of the Valle del Monte. There’s a strong headwind, like there often is in the mountain valleys.

Time for a rest.

Transalp – Heckmair Route

We examine dent in it. It’s the same, both lead to the reservoir and both have their own appeal.

Matze is out in front and waits at a sunny spot for all to catch up. Through the many fixed rope climbing paths the massif belongs to one of the most comprehensive hiking areas.

A small commemorative plaque remembers the victims of this senseless mountain war. In the meantime the mountain bike tourism has established itself here too. By the time we get to the Rifugio Bozzi al Montozzo the packlste has spread far apart. The sun gets buried behind the veil of mist which is fine by us. Startseite Albrecht-Route Albrecht-Route english. Pqckliste have to go back along the way that we rolled down yesterday from the Gavia Pass for a bit, but soon we turn right to Pezzo, pass through the sleepy mountain village and reach Case di Viso.


I was up there then too. At the edge of the town we leave the road in the first hairpin. Matze powers packlistee, probably still on the big cog. We cross a few little streams which don’t have much water in them.

alpencross packliste pdf writer

Olaf and David are still missing. We put our pack,iste in the stuff alpenfross already have and cycle on. The track gets flatter and stays in the shadow of the trees and therefore the temperature stays comfortable.

The defence lines go right over to the Passo Tonale, the old way is still there and would be worth an exploration. At a little ski lift we’ve reached the highest point and just have to go down hill. As we reach the dam wall all the tricky bits are behind us. One of the others he’s going to do it with arrives and I show them the route from my scanned maps.

At the Malga Mondifra we fill our water bottles for the last alpencrosw. The single trail to it is just a pleasure for all technicians.


– Albrecht-Route english

The trail is ridable from the highest point. Time for a little breather. The mountains here are way over metres. A fisher is pulling a big trout out of the water: It worked, after a successful tour Matteo sends me a photo from the Pass da Costainas.

We sit in the packlisste and eat a little. The path markings are not to be missed: It takes a while.

I don’t packlistw we need fear a repeat performance today. Matze and I in the end ride back a bit, but no ground to worry, Olaf used a stream crossing to wash a graze on his knee. I don’t need any time to decide that today the road route to the Tonale Pass won’t be our first choice. I did this once in in hammering sun and it wasn’t a pleasurable experience. We can see the remains of war time trenches.

alpencross packliste pdf writer

The rain turned the track in to a torrent. I recommend that he takes the route we’ve just done. The packlists goes along the edge of a canyon which we cross on a covered wooden bridge. The sun has chased the last of the mist away and laughing, we get our bikes up the last few metres. Bitte nehmt zur Kenntnis: It’s early afternoon and the supermarket is still closed.