Allgon dualband antenna specification. 1. AllgonAntenna SystemsNMT , ETACS , GSM , DCS , UMTS ; 2. Antennas. A Tradition of Quality Since Powerwave delivers antennas to cus- . Gain. Electrical. HBW. Number. Family. MHz. Number. dBi (dBd). Downtilt. Model. Type. Length. Width. Depth. Weight. , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , , , Panel, , , ,

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About TQ Antennas

Flat panel antenna with radome for outdoor installations, 18 dBi gain. Size 50x25cm, weight 1. Flat panel antenna with radome for outdoor installations, 15 dBi gain.

Size 25x25cm, weight 1Kg. These antennas are used to extend the range of cellphones and data cards. The antenna has a gain of up to 14 dBi, depending on frequency band.

Further to the antenna gain you will experience a system gain of at least 10 dB compared to the small built-in antennas by mounting the antenna outside of a building. The PAD is a true triband antenna providing a substantial increase in range also on these band. It has a gain of 9 or 12 dBi on or MHz respectively. Our panel antennas are made of weatherproof aluminium, screws and other mounting material is made of stainless steel mast diameter max.

The antennas can be installed with vertical or horizontal polarisation and come complete with mast clamp. For telephony and data applications, connector N female on pigtail. Comes complete with universal mount for wall or mast mount. Patch antenna for wall or window mount with included suction cups. The gain is max. A 5m cable with SMA male connector is included.

Adaptors and cables for USB sticks and 3G cards are available. This is very useful for a temporary installation like on vacation, when in a hotel, at a conference etc. Size x mm excl.

The antenna is weatherproof and can also be used outdoors. It can also be used for Wifi routers with two antenna connectors or for LTE sytems on band 3 and 7. The supplied mounting bracket is suitable for installation allgonn a wall or mast. The mount allows tilt and swivel.

Antenna Design Professional|Richard Smith|TQ Antennas

The antenna has two N female antenna sockets, cables are not included. Ideal antenna for notebooks with radio secification modem or traditional telephone cards. Includes magnet base, 7 dBi gain. Diameter of base 48mm, total height 45cm. Other connectors available on request. Adaptor for Novatel cards available. Also great for data modems. With 2m cable and SMA-Connector.


Gain 7 dBi, length 45cm. Antenna for fixed installation on a vehicle, equipment rack or a machine. Very small and weatherproof. Versatile antenna for data modems – no matter which network you use, this antenna covers all. Outdoor antenna for UMTS. The antenna is weather protected with a solid glassfibre tube and is supplied allon with stainless hardware for mast or wall mounting. Gain 8 dBi, length 55cm, connector N antena. On request we are specificatipn to customize cables for you.

Comes including universal mount for wall our mast mount and stainless steel mounting hardware. Finally, a directional antenna that can be used for everything. Due to the enormous frequency range of MHz to 2. The antenna comes complete with 2x 5m cable and SMA connectors. Ideal for the PC with the antenna below the desk and without connection to the local WiFi.

Or stick it to the window to extend coverage to the garden or terrace. Includes cm cable with connector. Mast mounted for vertical polarization, connector box waterproof with N connector female. Flat panel antennas consist of one or more radiators in front of a reflector panel. This design leads to very flat and therefore robust and unobtrusive antennas, combined with high gain and high bandwidth. Our flat panel antennas are made from weatherproof aluminum, all mounting hardware is stainless steel.

All antennas can be mounted for horizontal or vertical polarization and come including mounting bracket. Very solid aluminium die cast construction, weatherproof. The antenna comes including 7m low loss antenna cable with SMA male connector. Vertical polarisation, mast mount clamp included. Size x x 50mm, weight 1. Very solid construction, weatherproof. The antenna comes including apecification H low loss antenna cable with SMA male connector. The directional antenna is protected by spfcification radome and has a very low SWR on the whole frequency range.

Cover all data communication requirements with just one antenna! Omni directional antenna with cable. Gain ranges from 2. Comes including an 8m low loss antenna cable with Xntenna connector. For other devices specifidation can supply a suitable adaptor. The radiator is DC grounded, preventing build-up of static charges.

Antenna includes mounting bracket for wall mount. Height mm, diameter 50mm. The antenna is weatherproof and can be used outdoors.

With a relatively high gain of up to 9 dBi the antenna is suitable for difficult conditions and weak signals. The supplied low loss cable has 5m length and is equipped with an SMA connector.

To fit on many GSM modems and phones. The radiator is not DC grounded and therefore suitable for modems which measure the DC resistance on the coaxial cable to detect cable faults. A mounting bracket for wall mounting is included. Length mm, weight g. Due to the very wide frequency range from to MHz this antenna can be employed for nearly any cellular network provider, no matter where you are in the world. For LTE routers with two antenna connections two such antennas are required.


This antenna is also suitable for WiFi on 2. This is very helpful when operating a WiFi extender on board a ship which connects to a land-based WiFi network. The construction of the OMNI is very robust, the antenna is intended to be used aboard yachts and other seagoing vessels. The base of the antenna is equipped with a standard 1″ thread, so you can use any normal 1″ marine mounting system.

Further the antenna is coated against saltwater spray and UV radiation. The connector is an industry standard N type socket, a cable of the required length must be ordered separately. Marine grade mounting system with 1″ x 14 thread, for example for the OMNI antenna. Gain ranges from 4.

Includes mounting bracket for mast max 50 mm diameter or wall installation. Gain ranges from 5 to 7 dBi, depending on frequency, usable frequency ranges and to MHz. Includes mounting bracket for mast max 50 mm diameter installation. Height mm, diameter 76mm.

Flat antennas for unobtrusive installation on even surfaces. No protruding parts, very robust construction. The antennas work independent from external ground planes and can be installed on any materials. The antennas are waterproof and come with a 1m long cable with SMA connector.

Two different models are available: LP can be installed from the outside and is protection class IP65 when installed. LP is installed from the rear side and is therefore tamper proof. This antenna has a protection clas of IP44 when installed. Compact and wideband universal antenna for many applications.

Antennas for car telephone (GSM), DECT, ISM, data and public mobile radio

Ideal for flexible inhouse coverage with many different services. Simplify your warehouse by stocking just one antenna for most applications. The large frequency range is – MHz and to MHz.