“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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Longer familiarity with the vast and complicated scheme of cosmogony disclosed, will no doubt suggest improvements in the phraseology employed to expound it. Man has a body composed of the four elements in this transitory body his intelligence is enchained, the ascetic finding himself thus confused, directs his mind to the creation of theManas.

Man — returning to the kingdom we are most interested in — is evolved in a series of rounds progressions round the series of worldsand seven of these rounds have to be accomplished before the destinies of our system are worked out. Theosophist, The various issues.

Sinnett and The Letters of H. These natural facts are concerned with the premature development in occult adepts of faculties, which mankind at large has not yet evolved; and these faculties, in turn, enable their possessors to explore the mysteries of Nature, and verify the esoteric doctrines, setting forth its grand design.

Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett

We may search both ancient and modern literature in vain, however, for any systematic explanation of their doctrine or science. Mineral forms may be mineral in the sense of not belonging to the higher forms of vegetable organism, slfred may yet be very immaterial as we think of matter, very ethereal, consisting of a very fine or subtle quality of matter, in which the other pole or characteristic of Nature, spirit, largely predominates.

In reality, the Arhats and the Mahatmas are the same men. For the whole duration of the system is as certainly limited in time, be it remembered, as the life of a single man. Ian Youlin rated it really liked it May 25, True, it told an astounding story — a story to the ordinary man of the world all but incredible, though strangely attractive; but it told it in the most straightforward and transparently truthful manner, so that to many of us in spite of its overwhelming novelty it carried conviction upon its very face.

The purposes which European science usually has in view would certainly not be answered by that plan, but I think that any one who goes far in the present inquiry will alrfed that the system of reasoning up from the details of knowledge to general inferences is inapplicable to the work in hand.


But the point to which special attention should be drawn here is that the individual unit, having arrived at any given planet of the series in the course of any given round, does not merely touch that planet and pass on to the next.

The Oriental and the European systems of conveying knowledge are as unlike as any two methods can be. Whilst Europe has investigated Nature as publicly as possible, every step being discussed with the utmost freedom, and every fresh fact acquired, circulated at once for the benefit of all, Asiatic science has been studied secretly and its conquests jealously guarded. The existence of occult adepts, and the importance of their acquirements, may be established along two different lines of argument: Will it be supposed that the very magnitude of the claim now made on behalf of the esoteric doctrine, lifts the present statement out of the region of inquiry to which its title refers — inquiry as to the real inner meaning of the definite and specific religion called Buddhism?

As my own instruction progressed on those lines, I have had to coin phrases and suggest English words as equivalents for the ideas which were presented to my mind. He initially became apprenticed in mechanical drawing, but soon left that vocation and found employment as assistant sub-editor on the staff of the London newspaper the Globe.

It is manifest from what we have already said, and in order that the progress of organisms on globe A shall be accounted for, that the mineral kingdom will no more develop the vegetable kingdom on globe A until it receives an impulse from without, than the Earth was able to develop Man from the ape till it received an impulse from without.

It has been said that the finer principles themselves even, are material and molecular in their constitution, though composed of a higher order of matter than the physical senses can take note of. Toward the end of FebruarySinnett published a letter in The Pioneer newspaper drawing attention to the arrival in India of the two principal founders of the Theosophical Society and asking for information regarding their work.

But this can be no more than a protective hypothesis, reserving us the right to investigate some mysteries later on that we need not go into at present. For more intimate knowledge concerning them, special circumstances must furnish us with the required explanations.

Sinnett, Alfred percy

The higher evolution will be accomplished by our progress through the successive worlds of the system; and in higher forms we shall return to this earth again and again. Buddhism, above all, is a religion which has sinnettt a dual existence from the very beginning of its introduction to the world.

These letters disclose the fact that the Masters found Sinnett to be not the easiest person with whom to collaborate. The correspondence with them thus begun in October went on for about four years, till he had sufficient instruction in Occult Alfre to enable him to outline a philosophy which followed the ancient teachings found in the profoundest scriptures of the world.


For the process which goes on does not involve the pre-existence of a chain of globes sonnett Nature proceeds to stock with life; but it is one in which the evolution of each globe is the result of previous evolutions, and the consequence of certain impulses thrown off from its predecessor in the superabundance of their development. Sinnett was an English author and Theosophist. This body, in relation to the material body, is like the sword and the scabbard; or a serpent issuing from a basket in which it is confined.

An expression occurs in the foregoing chapter which does not recommend itself to the somewhat fuller conceptions I have been able to form of the subject since this book was written. There are, it is true, many isolated mystics in India who are altogether self-taught and unconnected with occult bodies.

But the elucidation of such points may be postponed for the moment. Consciousness is transferred to the fifth principle, oscillating, however, between the tendencies of the lower and higher nature for a long while — that is to say, over vast periods of evolution and many hundred lives, — and thus gradually purifying and exalting the Ego. His wife Patience is 27, and her mother Clarissa Edenson a “Landowner”, is living with them. In January the Sinnetts, now ensconced in a new London home, were the center of much theosophical activity.

It appears that Sinnett, while in Hong Kong, acquired sinnetf knowledge of the gambling game of poker which he popularized in England. It is only after a perusal of the present explanations that their position generally, as regards their present disclosures or their previous reticence can be criticized or even comprehended. Teaching and proof do not go hand in hand; they follow one another in due order.

Again, the highly cultivated devotees, to be met with occasionally in India, who build up a conception of Nature, the universe, and God, entirely on a metaphysical basis, and who have evolved their systems by sheer force of transcendental thinking, will take some established system of philosophy as its groundwork, and amplify on this to an extent alfree only an Oriental metaphysician could dream of.

The finest gases of which the body may to some extent be chemically composed, are still, on one scale at all events, on nearly the lowest level of materiality. Retrieved from ” http: Sinneett me add, that I do not regard myself as the sole exponent for the outer world, at this crisis, of esoteric truth.