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Pisania are un registru ornamental sublim, cu motive vegetale. Fotografie din anul 3. Imagine dinspre Nord 3. Peisaj de iarna 4. Corpul de chilii 2. Fresca din biserica mare 2. Tablou votiv din biserica mare 2.

The Brancoveni Monastery was built before the 15th century by unknown founders. It was remade in th by the Craiovesti boyars. The oldest document certifying this holy establishment is a deed of donation drawn up in by Lady Calea, the great grandmother of the ruler Matei Basarab.

How can we heal our depression? – Mother Siluana Vlad

Nicolae Iorga, the greatest historian of our country, reminded in his works of a paper fromwhich is lost now. In Lady Calea, built an wooden church on the spot of the present chapel. After the ruler Matei Basarab had recovered using the dmnului from the Healing Spring which it is still runninghe built the bell tower a defensive towerthe royal cellars and houses and the defensive walls in front of the great church.

He remade the monastery between He also repainted the churches built by his predecessors, the Craiovesti Boyards. Since that time till now the Healing Spring has been cured many people who prayed with faith to the Mother of God, the Theotokos.

The ruler Constantin Brancoveanu rebuilt the great church in and the chapel in on the spot of the ancient churches which he had demolished. Acatishul feast day of the great church has been the Dormition of Theotokos.

The doors are from oak wood and the inaltatii is from marble and it has vegetal adornments. In the porch are buried the abbot Teodosie Trapesintios, the priest Gheorghe and the priest Radu Sapca, who participated at the revolution.


He was the last abbot of the Brancoveni Monastery. He died in when he was The church was renovated and repainted in by the abbot Teodosie, after the earthquake fromwhich demolished the tower of the pronaos and a part of the upper floor of the bell Tower. This earthquake damaged the royal rooms and the cells. The painting is very valuable; it was realized duringand it is an expressive fresco in Byzantine style.

It was painted by the masters of Hurezi. School, directed by Constantinos, a Greek artist.

The original iconostasis of the small church has not been preserved. The royal rooms were made during by the voivode Matei Basarab. After Constantin Brancoveanu with his 4 sons were beheaded at Constantinopol for not converting to Muslim religion, the monastery was occupied by Austrian troops inalrarii later by Ottoman troops and the monks were driven away.

Lady Marica, the widow of Saint Constantin Brancoveanu, obtained from the Austrian Emperor the liberation of the monastery, which had been turned into Austrian barrack for 6 years. After the secularization from of the monastic estates this community remained without livelihoods and inlatarii there were no monks, but in church the Divine Liturgy was officiated by priests every Sunday and feast day.

The monastic life was resumed in As a result of th decree ofthat forced all the monks and nuns younger than 50 years to return in the civil life, the nuns were driven away by the communist ruling and again an asylum dwelled in the monastery. The Brancoveni Convent was reestablished in The cells were renewed and the picture of the great church was restored between In the church are parts of the holy relics of: Hierarh Nectarie from Eghina, St.

Iona from Kiev, St. John Jacob from Hozeva, St. Seraphim from Sarov, St. John Hrisostom, the Teophil the lunatic for Christ, St. Anthony from Iezeru, St.

The silver bound Icon of Theotokos from the great church is wonderworking. It is a copy of the wonderworking Icon of Dalhauti Monastery. The latter is a copy of another icon too, which was painted by the Apostle and Evangelist Luca himself.


On his way back to the country, while wcatistul was passing through Constantinopol, recently conquered by Turks, he was caught by them and imprisoned, and the icon was cut with a hatchet and was thrown into a stable. When it was cut, the icon bled and in that night the horses from the stable killed each other.

The elder tried to persuade the Turks to give him back the icon.

Manastirea Orthodoxa Sfanta Cruce – The Orthodox Monastery Holy Cross

But the Turks beat him and decided to kill him. A Romanian, who was forced to become a Turk and who had to kill the domnlui, spared his life and released him. Turned back in the country the elder heard that all his family was murdered by Turks. Praying on the shore of the Black Sea, the elder saw the icon, which was surrounded by light and was coming above the sea.

It was the same icon, which he was forced to leave in Constantinopol. The place, were it had been cut by hatchet, closed like a healed wound.

The elder took the icon and brought it to Dalhauti Monastery, where it has been making many miracles. In the Brancoveni Monastery was reestablished as a nunnery and the priest who had to serve here was called from Dalhauti Monastery.

He wanted inaltraii much a copy of the wonderworking icon and brought it to Brancoveni convent. The icon have been proving during the years to be a wonderworking icon, too. It have been helped all people who pray with faith and pure heart to the Mother of God.

Minunat este Dumnezeu intru Sfintii Sai – Crestinatate

La vie monacale a repris son cours normal. Hosting oferit de librarie. Brancoveni Ocrotitorul Eparhiei Acatistul Sf. Paraclisul cu izvor 1. PS Sebastian slujind 1. It was painted by the masters of Hurezi Inaktarii, directed by Constantinos, a Greek artist. Informatii, produse, program, contact. Varia Acte necesare Asociatii A.